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New Process Meter Puts Your Data Front and Center

Universal Indicator from Novus Automation

CHESTERLAND OH—January 30, 2014

CAS DataLoggers along with Novus Automation introduce the new N1540 Universal Indicator, a compact process meter with a bright display giving you an instant heads-up on your process data. The new industrial process meter connects with many different sensors to list several values and allows fast configuration through keypad or USB. Read more on our Product Announcement page.

New Novus FieldLogger Firmware and Software Released

Novus FieldLogger

CAS DataLoggers along with Novus are pleased to announce that the new Novus FieldLogger firmware (version 1.42) and configuration software (version 1.51) releases are now available for download! Old FieldLoggers can also be updated. With the speed and flexibility to handle analog and digital signals at high resolution and sample rate, the Novus FieldLogger is a cost-effective device for customers’ data acquisition and temperature monitoring needs. Read more on our Product Announcement page.

CAS DataLoggers to Offer New GPRS Gateway

Get Your Network Fully Integrated With AirGate Modbus Wireless Gateways
CHESTERLAND OH—October 31, 2012

CAS DataLoggers in partnership with Novus is pleased to announce an upcoming version of the popular AirGate Modbus Wireless Gateway which will integrate GPRS remote monitoring technology for demanding applications. This new product will also offer related Cloud-based services. The AirGate lets users quickly integrate their new wireless technology for cost-saving applications including equipment monitoring, inventory storage, and process overview. Now users can remotely monitor their critical data from anywhere in their building or a remote office, allowing faster response times to emergencies and helping to avoid potentially disastrous product loss. Read more on our General News page.

CAS Reports 2011 Sales Growth and Reveals Plans for 2012

Projected Offerings, Expansion and Initiatives for the New Year
CHESTERLAND OH—January 18, 2012

CAS DataLoggers is proud to report a 30% growth in sales for 2011, and announces its expectations and plans to continue to grow in 2012. Last year also saw expansion of the CAS headquarters in Chesterland, OH, as well as the addition of four new employees–all to better serve the increased demand for datalogging and data acquisition products, services, and technical support. Read the entire article here.

Monitoring Floor Panel Separation with a String Pot

Novus FieldLogger Provides Economical Data Acquisition
CHESTERLAND OH—January 17, 2012

CAS DataLoggers recently provided the datalogging solution for GSI Grain Storage in Assumption, Illinois, the world’s largest manufacturer of steel farm grain bins, commercial storage grain bins and grain silos, as well as grain dryers and material handling systems including grain bin sweeps, spreaders, chain loop systems, commercial bucket elevators and conveyors. GSI was planning a troubleshooting application to see the extent to which their grain floor was separating every time their grain bins loaded and unloaded, which was impacting production and storage efficiency. Read the whole article here.

CAS Provides Affordable Data Acquisition and Recording

Novus FieldLogger RTU 8-Channel Data Logger
CHESTERLAND OH—January 9, 2012

CAS DataLoggers has teamed with Novus Automation to provide customers with the newest solution for flexible, affordable data acquisition and supervision. The bestselling Novus FieldLogger RTU 8-Channel Universal Input Data Logger is a microprocessor-based data acquisition and recorder designed to handle any analog input and operates either as an RTU linked to a PC for online recording and supervision, or as a stand-alone data logger with real-time clock and graph capabilities. This low-cost logger is widely used as a Modbus RTU input device as part of a SCADA system to transmit channel data using Modbus protocol. With 8 universal channels accepting different input sensors simultaneously, these high-speed industrial dataloggers have lots of available memory and many connectivity options along with expansion modules and wireless communication accessories.

The datalogger is DIN rail compatible and includes a 35mm rail mounting in an ABS enclosure. Configuration is retained on the logger in non-volatile memory, and configuration and data retrieval are managed using a PC along with the included configuration utility software. The Novus FieldLogger also features an RS485 interface allowing communication up to 1.6 miles (1 Km). For users without a RS485 port on their PC, Novus also manufactures an easy-to-use USB-RS485/RS422 converter, transforming an ordinary USB port into a fully-functional RS485 interface.

The Novus FieldLogger features 8 universal analog inputs supporting several types of thermocouples as well as Pt100, mA, mV and higher voltages by applying external resistor dividers. The logger is also capable of performing mathematical operations in the input channels. Additionally, the FieldLogger has one digital input for remote start/stop and 2 alarm relay channels which can be activated when any channel enters a programmed alarm condition; these relays can also be used as digital outputs. The logger also provides internal cold junction compensation for thermocouples, enabling high-accuracy measurements. Recording at a working temperature of 32 to 130°F (0 to 55°C), the new datalogger also features an internal resolution of 20000 counts, linearity of better than 0.05% of FS, and can scan 8 channels in 0.5s.

FREE FieldChart configuration utility software is included and is downloadable from the manufacturer website. FieldChart is a Windows compatible software which performs the communication and data treatment for the FieldLogger recorder and Novus controllers with RS485. This easy-to-use intuitive system saves users the hassle of previous training. The main module collects data to the PC, displays the data in both digital and graphic formats in batches or in real time, and provides trend and historical views. It can zoom in and out, superimpose or link graphs in one screen, print graphs or lists, and export to spreadsheets or word processors. The practical configurator module performs the setup of the FieldLogger parameters and also allows users to check general status. In addition to its standard use as a Modbus RTU, for online reading and recording (history), the included Microsoft Windows FieldChart software also reads and records a graph for a 10-minute period. Users needing more in-depth data analysis can upgrade to the full FieldChart analysis software to allow the Field Logger to form a complete data acquisition system.

With the power and versatility to handle analog and digital signals at high resolution and speed, the Novus FieldLogger is a cost-effective solution for customers’ data acquisition and temperature recording needs. Check out the Novus Fieldlogger product page here.

For further information on the Novus FieldLogger RTU 8-channel Universal Input Data Logger, other Novus dataloggers, or to find the ideal solution for your application-specific needs, contact a CAS Data Logger Applications Specialist at (800) 956-4437 or visit the website at www.DataLoggerInc.com.

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