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Data: You Get What You Pay For!

Go with dataTaker for a Real Value
CHESTERLAND OH—June 23, 2014

You may have decided to buy a datalogger to optimize your process and save on costs and time, but you’ll find that the data you’ll get using a lot of low-cost models is inaccurate and hard to work with—you get what you pay for! Make sure you get accurate data in real time with an Intelligent Data Logger from dataTaker. We at CAS DataLoggers know these products and we’ll make sure you get up and running with your project ASAP. Read more on our new Product Announcement page.

Remote Monitoring For a Hangar’s Backup Generator

Recently CAS DataLoggers provided the remote monitoring system for a company working on a new method to reduce condensation damage to aircraft kept under simulated desert conditions. The hangar’s dehumidifying equipment was powered by 2 large solar panels atop a remote trailer along with a large backup battery. Supervisors needed to collect real time data on the battery’s status and to ensure that the solar panels and generator were sized properly, so CAS DataLoggers offered them a single solution capable of automatically tracking the generator’s critical values. Read more on our Equipment Monitoring Applications Notes page.