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New 3G Modem Upgrade for dataTaker Modem DataLoggers

Automatic Data Transfer for Remote Monitoring

CAS DataLoggers along with dataTaker announces a new 3G cellular modem upgrade to the bestselling dataTaker M models. These universal data loggers have a built-in cellular modem for automatic data transfer and alarm capabilities. To see what automatic data transfer can do for YOUR application, give our Applications Specialists a call at (800) 956-4437 and see for yourself! Read more on our new Product Announcement page.

7 Ways Signal Noise Can Impact Your Electrical Equipment

Increase Your Data Accuracy and Reduce Download Times

Increase Your Data Accuracy and Reduce Download Times

Have you been having problems with your electrical equipment but haven’t found the cause? For many users it turns out to be a very common, widespread problem called ground loop feedback. This wiring issue accounts for a large share of all power quality problems with A/V devices and other electronic equipment. The Applications Specialists at CAS DataLoggers have put together a short list of typical interference problems. Are you experiencing any of these issues? Read more on our General Tech Articles page.

CAS DataLoggers Presents at PCC Oktoberfest 2013

Remote Monitoring Data Loggers

Remote Monitoring Data Loggers

CAS DataLoggers is proud to announce that we’re sponsoring and presenting at 2013 PCC (Professional Control Corporation) Oktoberfest on Thursday September 26th in Germantown, Wisconsin. A leading industrial automation and control distributor for over 30 years, PCC provides a venue for both vendors and customers. This year’s theme is ‘Tap Into Technology,’ featuring a datalogging presentation from our own Sales Manager Pete Martin on how to find the ideal remote monitoring system for your application. Read more on our Press Releases page.

CAS DataLoggers Announces Official Release of T&D Graph Software

Free Software for Data Analysis and Organization with T&D Loggers
CHESTERLAND OH—April 24, 2013

Graph Software for T&D wired and wireless dataloggers

Graph Software for T&D wired and wireless dataloggers

CAS DataLoggers
and bestselling manufacturer T&D announce the official release of the popular T&D Graph software for data management and analysis. This graphing utility software is compatible with most T&D data loggers and offers users new features including posting comments and memos on graphs and accessing logged data stored on T&D’s WebStorage Service. Read more on our News Items page.

New GSM Controller for SMS Alarming and Remote Control

Remote Monitoring and Alarming From Your Smartphone
CHESTERLAND OH—April 22, 2013

ARC-10 Alarming and Remote Control Unit

ARC-10 Alarming and Remote Control Unit

CAS DataLoggers
and Infinite introduce the new ARC-10 GSM controller, an easy to use datalogger using SMS for long-distance applications. The rail mount unit incorporates a Quad Band (850/900/1800/1900MHz) GSM/GPRS modem, 2 digital inputs, 2 power relay outputs and a serial RS-232 port. Up to 500 users can be configured to switch a relay output with a toll-free phone call (e.g. for opening a garage door or a gate barrier). Read more on our Product Announcements page.

CAS DataLoggers Introduces New CDMA RTU for Remote Monitoring

Data Logger Telemetry System Monitors and Alarms Where GSM Isn’t Available
CHESTERLAND OH—February 12, 2013

Remote Monitoring, Control and Alarming

Remote Monitoring, Control and Alarming

CAS DataLoggers
and Infinite introduce the new ADU-500L CDMA Remote Telemetry System. This autonomous RTU performs remote monitoring to applications where GSM isn’t available. This new version supports CDMA technology allowing several transmitters to send their information simultaneously over a single communication channel. Featuring SMS text messaging alarming, this CDMA system is ideal for remote monitoring and control of functions and instrumentation for water management, oil and gas distribution, and more. Read more about this exciting new product on our Product Announcement page.

Remote Monitoring For a Hangar’s Backup Generator

Recently CAS DataLoggers provided the remote monitoring system for a company working on a new method to reduce condensation damage to aircraft kept under simulated desert conditions. The hangar’s dehumidifying equipment was powered by 2 large solar panels atop a remote trailer along with a large backup battery. Supervisors needed to collect real time data on the battery’s status and to ensure that the solar panels and generator were sized properly, so CAS DataLoggers offered them a single solution capable of automatically tracking the generator’s critical values. Read more on our Equipment Monitoring Applications Notes page.

New Android App Enables Remote Monitoring

Novus Superview AndroidA new Android remote monitoring application is available giving owners of Novus dataloggers total process supervision: SuperView Mobile Lite is now free for download from Google Play. CAS DataLoggers provides Novus products which monitor many values including temperature, humidity, and many more. Read more on our General News page.

Remote Communication with a Train via GPS

Intelligent Data Loggers from dataTaker
CHESTERLAND OH—June 27, 2012

Remote Communication with a Train via GPSCAS DataLoggers recently supplied the datalogging solution for a major sugar cane grower using a wireless radio link to communicate with a sugar train running on an extensive rail network around the plant. Over time the customer had experienced breakdowns in their communications links which led to expensive inefficiencies in sugar cane collection and transportation. Read more on our Food & Agriculture Applications Notes page.

System Monitoring for a Prototype Transmission

Featuring Intelligent Data Logging Systems from dataTaker

Recently CAS DataLoggers provided the data logging solution for Twin Disc Incorporated, one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of power shift transmissions, headquartered in Racine, Wisconsin. Twin Disc® began a research project to monitor transmission system parameters and verify duty cycle information for their prototype power shift transmission slated for use in the oil and gas market. Engineers began searching for a versatile datalogging system that accommodated a variety of analog and CAN inputs and which could also connect to a cellular modem to enable remote monitoring. Read more on our Equipment Monitoring applications notes page.