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T&D Discontinues TR-81 Units

Next-Gen T&D Wireless & Wired Loggers From T&D

CHESTERLAND, OH—April 26, 2016

T&D Corporation has announced that they are discontinuing the TR-81 Wide-Range Temperature Datalogger. This announcement comes as T&D increases support for their next-generation TR-7wf Wireless LAN series of temperature and humidity dataloggers. Read more about these new 2-channel thermo recorders on our Latest News page.

T&D A/C Adapters Comply with New EPA Regulations

Japan’s #1 Temperature Datalogger Manufacturer

CHESTERLAND, OH—April 18, 2016

Effective last month, the EPA has enacted a new efficiency regulation concerning wall transformers. In order to comply with this regulation, TandD has changed all of their A/C Adapter model numbers. Read more about T&D datalogging products on our Latest News page.

T&D Adds New WatchDog Timer for WebStorage Service

Free Cloud Storage Service for T&D

CHESTERLAND, OH—February 16, 2016

TandD has implemented a new WatchDog Timer function for dataloggers reporting into its free cloud WebStorage Service! Users can set a time period for notification by email if a logger fails to report data to the service. Learn how to setup this useful new feature on our Latest News page.

CAS DataLoggers Offers T&D Discount!

Wireless and Wired Temperature Loggers and More

CHESTERLAND, OH—February 8, 2016

CAS DataLoggers is pleased to announce that we’re discounting prices on our T&D Data Loggers! These temperature recorders are popular with users working in industry, healthcare, labs and more. Call CAS DataLoggers today at (800) 956-4437 and save! See a price list of our T&D models on our T&D Discount page.

CAS DataLoggers is at AHR 2016 in Orlando!

T&D TR-7wf Series Loggers Push Data to Your PC or Mobile Device

CHESTERLAND, OH—January 27, 2016

Right now CAS DataLoggers is at the World’s Largest HVACR event—AHR 2016 in Orlando! T&D products give businesses and organizations a cost-effective way to monitor and alarm a wide variety of values. Our popular TR-71wf Temperature Logger is ideal for HVACR system validation. See how T&D products can save your business or organization time otherwise spent taking manual measurements on our Events page!

Wireless Data Loggers on Display at AHR 2016!

T&D Loggers Send Directly to your Desktop!

CHESTERLAND, OH—January 4, 2016

Planning on going to the AHR 2016 expo Jan 25-27th in Orlando? With prices starting at $300, the bestselling T&D wireless data loggers keep you connected to your data online! Just visit www.dataloggerinc.com where you can find the ideal T&D model for your own application. Learn more about T&D HVACR solutions on our AHR 2016 page.

T&D Introduces New 3G Cellular-Connected Base Station

RTR-500MBS-A is Ideal for Transmitting Data via Mobile Networks

CHESTERLAND OH—April 20, 2015

Together with T&D Corporation we’re proud to announce the new Mobile Base Station RTR-500MBS-A which supports all Remote Units in the RTR-500 Series. This new wireless datalogger can be used anywhere in a 3G coverage area, enabling data collection and monitoring without a LAN or PCs. Read more on our Product Announcement page at http://bit.ly/1aKC4K4.

How to Enable Standalone External Alarms on the T&D RTR-500NW

Activate Local Alarm Capability via Digital Contact

CHESTERLAND OH—February 4, 2015

Normally, the T&D RTR-500NW Ethernet Network Base Station is used for network-based alarming and data retrieval. However, in cases where a network is not available, it can also be used to activate a local alarm in the form of a digital contact. With that in mind our Technical Support department has put together this quick walkthrough. Read more in our latest T&D Tech Article.

T&D Discontinues Production of RTR-5 Series Products

CAS DataLoggers Offers the Latest T&D Temp & RH Recorders

CHESTERLAND OH—February 25, 2014

Japan’s #1 datalogger manufacturer T&D is discontinuing their RTR-5 Series loggers.  T&D will soon exhaust its stock of components for production, and when the stock is depleted they will no longer be available. Meanwhile CAS DataLoggers is offering the all-new TR-7wf Wireless LAN data loggers which have a FREE monitoring app for iOS and Android giving you direct access to your data from a smartphone or tablet–without the need for a network! Read more on our General News page.

T&D Webstorage Service Adds Signal Strength Indicator

T&D Sends Your Data Online

T&D Sends Your Data Online

CAS DataLoggers and T&D, Japan’s #1 manufacturer of temperature and humidity loggers, announce a new feature to the T&D WebStorage Service—a new signal strength indicator makes it even easier for users to find the best placement for T&D data loggers. As the highest seller of T&D in the USA, we offer these rugged, compact and weather-resistant temperature loggers for logistics and shipping applications, food processing and storage, agriculture, and industrial manufacturing and processing. Read more on our News Items page.