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A Data Logger Is Your Cheapest Insurance Policy

A Data Logger Saves Your Business Time and Money

A Data Logger Saves Your Business Time and Money

Every day companies lose thousands of dollars from missed alarms that were supposed to be watching their product or process. Unlike an unmanned alarm, thermometer or paper chart recorder, you can use dataloggers to instantly alert you and your team when an alarm event develops. As a major distributor, CAS DataLoggers has the wired and wireless technology to get you set up quickly and securely. Your business can’t be more covered than that. Learn about what a data logger can do for your business on our Product Announcements page.

Internet Connection Alarming with Accsense Data Loggers

logger_dataAt CAS DataLoggers we occasionally receive calls from Accsense system users asking if and when they should manually disconnect their connection alarms, since by default the system’s alarms are always on. For example, hospitals often conduct periodic tests on their generators to verify that backup power is available. However these tests can cause network issues, and if internet connection drops while running the test, Accsense will immediately trigger a connection alarm. Read more on our Accsense Technical Articles page.

CAS DataLoggers Expands Its Sales Team

Meet Mark Elston, our Newest Applications Specialist
CHESTERLAND OH—March 6, 2013

CAS_data_loggersCAS DataLoggers is proud to announce that Mark Elston has just come onboard as our newest Applications Specialist. Mark contributes his extensive sales experience to our team which has a combined 100 years of electrical engineering experience, offering customers monitoring and alarming systems from popular manufacturers including dataTaker, Accsense, Electrocorder, and many more. Read more on our General News page.