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UPS Power Monitoring from CAS DataLoggers Solves Voltage Problems

Recently CAS DataLoggers Applications Specialist Pat Picciano recommended the EC-1V Single Phase Voltage Logger Kit to solve a customer’s UPS (Uninterruptible Power Source) power drops, revealed when the owner saw ongoing indications of voltage problems most mornings. The UPS powered the company’s backup server, phone system, and voicemail server, so the owner needed a voltage recorder that fit easily into his budget. Read more on our Energy Monitoring Applications Notes page.

Single-Phase Power Monitoring Kit from CAS DataLoggers

As autumn begins, companies performing power monitoring and seasonal maintenance are looking for a single-phase solution to view power usage on common devices from fridges to compressor motors. CAS DataLoggers now has the Single-Phase Voltage and Current Data Logger, a cost-effective kit to monitor the voltage supply and load current. For under $800, users get a logger with fast sampling, large memory, software, leads and a transformer. Read more on our Product Announcements page.

CAS DataLoggers Introduces new Solar PV Product Range

CAS DataLoggers along with Electrocorder have announced the addition of several new solar and power data loggers ideal for Renewables applications. These new DC data loggers record Onsite Solar Irradiance, Charging Circuits, PV Cells, DC Motors and much more. Customers are increasingly looking for voltage and current measurement devices, particularly for realizing savings through Voltage Optimization. Read more on our Product Announcement page.

Should You Use Current or Voltage in Analog Transducer Readings?

Transducers for Equipment Monitoring and More
CHESTERLAND OH—August 23, 2012

Several instrumentation monitoring applications including equipment monitoring, quality assurance and others require you to choose among the different signal types for your analog measurement transducer. The most common of these are either voltage (0-5 volts DC, or 0-10 volts DC) or current (generally 4-20 milliamps). The Applications Specialists at CAS DataLoggers have written this brief article to explore the benefits and drawbacks of these two analog signals. Read more in our Technical Articles page.

CAS DataLoggers Has 3-Phase Data Logger Kit to Identify Dirty Power Issues

Low Cost Voltage/Current Logger Kit for Seasonal Equipment Problems
CHESTERLAND OH—June 25, 2012

EC-7VAR Three Phase Voltage & Current LoggerThis summer, power spikes, surges, and brownouts can easily damage or destroy motors and other expensive equipment, so electrical companies often need to check if their machinery is drawing dirty power. The typical voltage supply for businesses is often above what’s safe for these machines, and dirty power causes them to draw too much of the supply and can cause them to develop problems or shut down. Read more on our Product Announcements page.

CAS DataLoggers Introduces High-Precision Current Clamps

AEMC Models CL407 and CL607 Clamp Power Data Loggers

AEMC Models CL407 and CL607 Clamp Power Data LoggersCAS DataLoggers together with AEMC Instruments have partnered to introduce the new Models CL407 and CL607 Clamp Power Data Loggers as low-cost solutions for safely measuring electrical conductors without the hassle of disconnecting equipment. Both models measure single- and three- phase power (Real, Reactive and Apparent) up to 3MW with resolution to 1W and also measure voltage frequency at 20kHz and current frequency at 2kHz. These extremely precise current clamps measure harmonics up to the 25th, auto-select AC or DC measurement, and can record up to 1000 measurements. Read more on our product announcement page.

CAS DataLoggers Adds New Low-Cost Electrical Manufacturer

CAS DataLoggers is now distributing datalogging products from trusted UK manufacturer Electrocorder to provide customers with low-cost electrical logging devices monitoring power and energy usage. CAS has added this latest product line in direct response to increased customer inquiries for specific solutions to their HVAC power metering and submetering applications, enabling users to measure and prove energy savings opportunities to clients, find the causes of power spikes and failures, fluctuations in power, view energy consumption, and more. Read the entire article on our press release page.

CAS DataLoggers Now Providing Low-Cost Power Metering Kit

Electrocorder EC-6VA Three-phase Logger Records Energy and Power
CHESTERLAND OH—February 27, 2012

Electrical contractors, energy audit consultants, facilities managers and industrial and power distribution companies all require an inexpensive solution for their energy and power metering needs. CAS DataLoggers, the new distributor for UK manufacturer Electrocorder, is now offering customers the Electrocorder EC-6VA Three-phase Datalogger Kit, a current and high-voltage solution which sees frequent use in several applications including HVAC power metering to measure and prove energy savings opportunities to customers, energy auditing, and monitoring/tuning power consumption and carbon emissions. Read the entire article on our product announcement page.