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Lascar Introduces Audible/Visual Alarm for its WiFi Sensors

New EL-WiFi-ALERT Alarms Your Products and Environments
CHESTERLAND OH—June 18, 2014

CAS DataLoggers
has teamed with Lascar Electronics to offer users the new EL-WiFi-ALERT which receives alarm messages from any FilesThruTheAir ™ WiFi sensor device connected to the same wireless network, flashing red LED lights and providing audible alarming. This low-cost alarming device is available now from CAS DataLoggers. Read more on our new Product Announcement page.

Lascar Data Loggers Are Back in Black

Beginning this month, CAS DataLoggers and Lascar Electronics will start converting all Lascar data loggers from gray color to a sleek new black. Lascar data loggers record temperature, humidity, voltage, current, and carbon monoxide. Their low cost and simple operation are ideal for users on a budget who need a reliable device to monitor their critical data. Read more on our General News page.