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CAS DataLoggers Announce New DT82EM #Data Logger

CAS DataLoggers has partnered with leading data logger manufacturer, dataTaker, to announce the DT82EM Intelligent Environmental Data Logger with built-in 2G/3G modem. The DT82EM is a robust, stand-alone, ultra low-power data logger featuring universal inputs, USB memory stick support, 18-bit resolution and a built-in display. Continue reading …

CAS DataLoggers Announces Upcoming Environmental Conference

USGS National Water Data Conference in Pittsburgh, PA, June 6th-9th

CAS DataLoggers is pleased to announce it will be attending the upcoming 2011 USGS National Water Data Conference held at the Pittsburgh Radisson Hotel in Pittsburgh, PA on June 6 -9, 2011. The conference, sponsored by the Committee for Hydrologic Instrumentation and Data (Eastern Region), will feature several technical sessions as well as exhibits from vendors supplying the environmental and water quality fields. Continue Reading…

New Mobile GSM TRANSPORT Temperature & Humidity Monitoring System CAS Announces New Wireless Monitoring Solution for Trucking and Shipping Applications

Keeping cargo temperature and humidity closely monitored en route is always of vital importance in the trucking and shipping industries. Consequently, CAS DataLoggers is proud to announce a powerful new monitoring solution for these applications with the debut of its Mobile GSM TRANSPORT Temperature & Humidity Monitoring System. Continue Reading…


New Wireless Thermo Recorder Makes Temperature & Humidity Management Easy

CAS DataLoggers and T&D are proud to jointly announce the release of the new Wireless Thermo Recorder “log-EZ” as an effective low-cost solution for temperature and humidity management. The “log-EZ” is designed as a user-friendly Thermo Recorder to easily measure and record ambient temperature and humidity within ranges of 0° to 50° Celsius (32° to 122° Fahrenheit) and 15% to 90% RH respectively. The logger features a clear display of its current readings and can also use a PC to show a continually changing graph and the day’s high and low readings.

GRANT OMK-610 OVEN LOGGER KIT – Temperature Profiling Systems Designed for Surface Coating Applications

CAS DataLoggers and Grant Instruments have announced the release of the Through Process Monitoring Logger, a compact, battery-operated, 6-channel temperature data logger designed specifically for through process and surface coating applications. This comprehensive oven temperature profiling system ensures consistent product quality and reduced operating costs, with the ability for sample rates of up to 8 samples/second and a USB interface to communicate with a PC for setup and download of stored data. Continue here for further information …

AUTOMATING COMPLIANCE WITH THE EPA Monitoring Boiler Emissions for Compliance with EPA

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is in the process of instituting a new regulation under the Clean Air Act which will regulate the level of toxic emissions from industrial, commercial and institutional boilers. This rule is intended to reduce the number of toxic air pollutants released each year. There are an estimated 187,000 existing boilers at 92,000 different small source facilities in the United States that will be affected by this new regulation. CAS DataLoggers has researched and developed the resources in data logging to assist in reaching the data management for proven quality regulations. Learn more about boiler emission monitoring equipment here…

MAKING PEST CONTROL YOUR TOP PRIORITY New! Thermal Remediation Verification Kit – Remotely Monitors Sterilization

As spring gets underway, exterminators and pest control companies increasingly battle Cimex Lectularius, better known as the common bedbug. CAS DataLoggers now offers temperature monitoring equipment which validates the sterilization temperature was reached and held per specifications. Continue reading…

Recording the Temperature of Railroad Car Wheels in Motion

Data Logging Railroad Car Wheel Temperatures

We recently received a request from a railroad company to find a way to record the temperature of railroad car wheels while the train was in motion. They had been experiencing a number of wheel and bearing failures which they believed were temperature related and they wanted to collect data while the train was in operation to help isolate the root cause. Read more about how we developed a custom solution using a dataTaker data logger in this new application note:  Railroad Preventative Maintenance.